Monica Thompson-Salters


Monica Thompson-Salters is an accomplished educator in the Department of

Sciences at South Pointe High School, Rock Hill South Carolina. She is the wife of Mike Salters and the mother of two handsome boys.

 A native of Hemingway, South Carolina, Monica received an undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in African American Studies from Coker College. She completed her Masters of Science at Clemson University.  Now carrying 15 years of experience in education, science research, and mentoring Monica has been instrumental in implementing ways to increase test scores and close the achievement gap in science education for minority and under privileged students. She was awarded the South Carolina Palmetto Pride grant in 2014 for her Green STEMS recycling project at Eau Claire High School. She is constant force to effect pivotal changes in her discipline in order to improve the science education of South Carolina's K-12 students. Monica has incorporated numerous extension activities, summer internships, and clubs to enhance the educational aspects of science for her students. 

Thank You Monica for your many contributions in education,and for sharing your influence.

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