James Patrick "Fitness Guru"

With a mission to create a healthier, happier you, James Patrick the “Fitness Guru owns his influence as a budding fitness mogul. Over the past 10 years, James has worked as a choreographer, exercise therapy specialist, personal trainer, fitness instructor and massage therapist, in addition to teaching hip-hop and exotic dance. “The Guru” is technically trained in jazz and ballet, and he incorporates these disciplines to brand his own signature group fitness style. He's the owner of MBS Fitness and Wellness, and a personal trainer for Jamie Scott Fitness, both located in Columbia, SC. James also holds a weekly spot on WLTX channel 19 in Columbia SC, With wellness Wednesdays. The energetic fitness Guru continues to grow and challenge his clients physically and mentally, with the ultimate goal of transforming their bodies on the inside and out.



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